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  • Ah_KwangAh_Kwang Posts: 214 Level 3


    Just curious. Are you referring to 5983 or 9583?

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  • Gary_TurnerGary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    9585 needs a complete overhaul as well. EVERY video you get a double colour bomb at the beginning but not in the game. Also the videos show wrap/stripes together, but they are coming down separate. Too many wraps are appearing and blowing up everything before you have a chance to do anything. IMPOSSIBLE to pass

    Why don’t you just leave levels alone after release. Far too much time and far too many boosters are being wasted on levels that CANNOT be done

  • Gary_TurnerGary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    Just checked 9586 as well. Not even marked as a hard level, but with 40 moves on the video everything has to go right and you need plenty cascades to pass. They give us 29 moves. What a disgrace. All they want you to do is keep buying boosters to pass levels, that’s why you’ll never pass with the number of moves given. Always between 10/15 less than the videos show. They say its to make it more challenging, not so. Unless you’ve got stacks of boosters you’ll have to fill their pockets to pass.

    CC used to be fun to play but now it’s all about the money

  • Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 13,472 Community Manager

    New levels out now!

    💻️ 9725 levels available on Windows 10

    📱🌐 9635 levels on other platforms

    Today's update 23 June 2021 features...

    Facebook, iOS, Android and other mobile devices:

    Episodes 641 - 643 with levels 9591 - 9635.

    Windows 10 app:

    Episodes 647 - 649 with levels 9681 - 9725.

    Find all info about the Puzzle Adventure events in June HERE and the new Jelly Jar HERE.

    Leave feedback about the levels 9681 - 9725 directly to the level designers and Game Team HERE.

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    Level 1000, Level 2000 and Level 3000

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  • Gary_TurnerGary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    9604. Designers are starting early this week with their disastrous changes. 42 attempts so and not even close. Only 25 moves, layout changed from videos and wasted boosters on a level that is IMPOSSIBLE. Thanks a lot. Wonder what excuses they’ll come up with (if they can actually be bothered to reply).

    Getting worse by the week


  • Gary_TurnerGary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    9604. Just as an add on, this level isn’t even marked as difficult.

    Exact same thing happened last week when ONE LEVEL took at least 3 days and only passed by using 5 boosters and having to BUY gold bars.


  • Gary_TurnerGary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    9604. When is this going to be fixed. 75 attempts now. The bottom cannot be cleared as all candies are frosted over. Each candy has to be hit 7/8 times before clearing. Cut to 25 moves, IMPOSSIBLE. I keep saying it, why make changes and release levels that aren’t tested and can’t be completed. How more incompetent can you get. Its just pathetic that this is happening EVERY week. Its shameful the way players who have stuck by this game are being treated

  • Ah_KwangAh_Kwang Posts: 214 Level 3


    U need to use the UFO to break the barrier.

  • Gary_TurnerGary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    I’ve used UFOs and out of the 3 wraps only 1 goes to the bottom, the other 2 do nothing. There’s nowhere near enough moves. This level has been changed this morning to a nightmarishly hard level. Why wasn’t this done yesterday when the level was released. I’ve wasted time and a lot of boosters for nothing. There’s no need to keep changing levels as much as you do. Levels are still being changed a month or so after release. Its shameful the way that long serving players are being treated. There’s no point in releasing levels if they can’t be completed. Why don’t you test them after changing them to make sure they can be done before re-releasing them

  • Gary_TurnerGary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    9632 is another level I’ve found that’s ridiculous. Video released 3 days ago not like my game. Some toffee swirls in my game are locked, WHY.

    Why are levels STILL being changed every other day


  • jujajuja Posts: 42 Level 2

    "91% of players need a booster" King says before the level 9604. Isn't it an indication that the level is impossible for almost all of us? So, if I don't buy boosters, I have 0 chance of passing it? I tried I don't know how many times, all in vain. Sad, I was hoping to celebrate 10,000th level.

  • Gary_TurnerGary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    What I’ve been saying for months about this game. Its all about filling their pockets.

    9634. Looked at comments for this level and players were struggling with 36 moves, and they give us 28 to start with. Game is corrupt to MAKE you buy boosters. On 9634 you can’t get enough green candies to release the last cherry. Another impossible level unless you buy extra boosters and extra moves.

    Number of moves being reduced by the day. They give you any excuse, but they never test levels with the number of moves they give you. Its just a guessing game to them. ABSOLUTELY CLUELESS

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