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Level 1897 (as of 7/26/21)

sabca1sabca1 Posts: 9 Level 2

Why is this level so hard! I've been on it for days. You have 14 moves to clear 106 blocks. Impossible. I can't even come close! Older versions have more moves. This is ridiculous!


  • sabca1sabca1 Posts: 9 Level 2

    Well, I should have posted this a couple of days ago. As soon as I posted this rant, I went back to the level and passed it!

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  • kiara_waelkiara_wael Posts: 61,788 Candy Moderator

    HI and Welcome to our Community

    Congratulations and Keep it up

    Level 1879 is tricky one , This video play without booster

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