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Candy Crush Saga - Keep getting the same Notification in the yellow square for "Special Offer"

SquirrelwifeSquirrelwife Posts: 61 Level 2

Not sure why, but this seems to be a new thing in Candy Crush Saga: I keep getting the same little red notification with exclamation point in the yellow square, but it's always for "Special Offer"....I clicked on it, but the next time i start my game, here it is again.

I understand Candy Crush wants to promote offers, but why not put that under "Shop"? There already is an exclamation there all the time.

Sorry, but it find that distracting. Clicking on it removes it temporarily, but then it appears again....

Thanks, but at this point, i am not interested in a "Special Offer".

Thanks, otherwise i love the game,

Squirrelwife Marguerite

Best Answers

  • maryjane117maryjane117 Posts: 536 Level 3
    Accepted Answer

    Hi there, unfortunately I have been getting this as well. Two different ones even. One pops up for "nightmare levels" and one is just a special offer that's actually the worst offer anyway. It's getting to pushy to buy gold bars and that's not fair....

    I have a feeling there's not much that can be done so im sorry I'm not being helpful.

    Accepted Answer
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  • Sukanta_BiswasSukanta_Biswas Posts: 22,195 Candy Moderator
    Accepted Answer

    Welcome to the King Community.

    Please provide as much information as we can for this issue as well as a screenshot and I will happy to help look into it. For instructions on how to take a screenshot please visit here πŸ‘‡

    Thank you!

    Accepted Answer
  • maryjane117maryjane117 Posts: 536 Level 3
    Accepted Answer

    I'm with you, it is truly annoying! Obviously not enough to be "upset", but I also had posted a discussion about this before. Just wanted to say that, have a wonderful day and happy crushing 😊

    Accepted Answer


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