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Please HELP 🍫 📦

ReinaSweetsReinaSweets Posts: 12 Level 2

I have completed ✔️ the tasks in the 🍫 📦 several times but haven’t te I my rewards. Can anyone tell me what’s wrong and a solution to the problem. Please and thank you! Have a good time.


  • GoldenswordzGoldenswordz Posts: 253 Level 3

    Idk why you didn't just say "chocolate box" but whatever lol. Maybe they're testing a feature where chocolate box rewards are automatically claimed?

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  • Tzvi_MarcuTzvi_Marcu Posts: 1,777 Level 4

    @ReinaSweets From the game you can write to support and they can check.

  • AlienscarAlienscar Posts: 3,300 Level 5

    Hello @ReinaSweets When you say that you have completed the tasks several times, do you mean that you have completed all four tasks several times, or that you have completed several of the tasks?

    You have to empty the chocolate box completely before you can receive it's rewards.

    Do you know if you have got the new chocolate box? The new box looks like the one shown in the discussion linked below. If you still have the old one then it could be that your issue is related to that.

    Make sure you have a stable internet connection when you are playing.

    One possible solution is to complete the standard troubleshooting steps.

    Logout of your game, reboot your device and log back into your game. Clear the app cache/browser history.

    If that doesn't help then you should contact King support as suggested by Tzvi_Marcu

    Here is a link to the Support, but it is better to contact them from within your game as I believe that includes a lot of your details.

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