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Since Elsa et al.'s (brilliant) idea to include a search box to allow players to get to particular levels hasn't gone anywhere for years, let's try somthing similar:

Implement a "down" arrow to conveniently take players to Level 1.

I have many "favorite friends" who aren't as high up in levels in my game, so often I have to scroll way down to be able to select an early level that'll allow me to send lives to them. A down button would be a big help.

Best part is, implementation would be ridiculously easy! King already has an "up" arrow to bring players back to their latest level at the top (image below). Just do the same in reverse!

@Diamond Lim Do your thing, bro. 😏

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  • AlienscarAlienscar Posts: 3,741 Level 5

    Hi @Deryck your idea has already been suggested and rejected previously. I get where you are coming from though. Asking for a tab/down arrow that only takes you to level one is slightly different to Elsa's scroll request.

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  • DeryckDeryck Posts: 677 Level 4

    Thanks for the heads-up @Alienscar, as I wouldn't have begun to guess what search terms to scan for.

    Glad you see the distinction between this and the search box idea, though. The game devs already have a code for the arrow to go one way; it only makes sense to have one going the opposite way.

    Well, if the box gets implemented, I'll be fine with that too. 🙂

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