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  • crusher11crusher11 Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited October 2021

    So I just got a message that I qualified mid tournament my score was around 500,000 and the second player was like 50,000 behind me. I just wanted to confirm that it’s right, because he could’ve very well caught up to me. Has anyone had that happen?

  • me6412me6412 Posts: 8,479 Pro Player 👑

    My friend it's just a matter of when you sign into your game, you are placed in the Tournament and in a League and from there you're in then it's up to you to make it to the #1 position if you sign out or stop playing and start again you will still be in that League or for a lack of better words "Column " ....Good luck...

  • me6412me6412 Posts: 8,479 Pro Player 👑

    My Jelly Queen answer that tag as it might make you a bit wiser...seriously answer the tag my friend 😉💯 the one from know where land....

  • me6412me6412 Posts: 8,479 Pro Player 👑

    My friend it is not about the score it's all about collecting Orange Candies...please focus on this because if you only focus on the score you might miss out my friend..hope this helps you out.

  • me6412me6412 Posts: 8,479 Pro Player 👑

    I tagged you in a completely different area of the Community one from a area you should receive a tag from not here check your notifications you'll see it....right now it's bed time my friend....😉😎

    Goodnight everyone and Good luck...

  • Qwert01781013241Qwert01781013241 Posts: 11 Level 2

    Wowwwww this is nice advice 🤪🤪🏵️

  • Barry_Dean_ClarkBarry_Dean_Clark Posts: 250 Level 3

    @Crazy Cat Lad Just giving an update... I did make the Semi Finals and as of right now I'm in first place. But looking at all the post and the the scores other people are putting up. If I do advance to round 2 of the Semi Finals most likely I'm going to get smoked. But who knows, I might just get lucky and make the top 10 and move on to the finals. Then its about high scores of whatever levels and not having to collect the dreaded orange stars.

    Round 1 I don't have a real high score but I'm pretty burned out so I'm just playing enough to stay in the lead. Probably when I wake up in the morning I'll be out of 1st place but who knows. I'm going to bed. Good luck everyone.

  • shametime55shametime55 Posts: 11 Level 2

    This is where I am, but I am stopping. Really competitive on trying to reach the top spot. I had fun.

    Good luck All!🖐🏾

  • DeathKittenDKGDeathKittenDKG Posts: 24 Level 2

    On the 18th of October I finished the wild card feature in first place. I received a notice right afterwards stating "Congratulations you have qualified for the Simi Finals." I logged on the 19th and 20th October to play in the second round of the Wild Card feature. There was NOTHING containing to the All Stars Tournament at all. I logged in the the 21st of October to play in the Simi Finals assuming I qualified due to not having access to the second Wild Card feature. It won't allow me to participate in the Simi Finals. I never had a chance to properly qualify for the Simi Finals. I have contacted King about this issue at 12:00pm on the 21st and was asked to send a screen shot of my 1st place win on the 18th so they can look back in their server logs. I informed the King associate that I do not have screen shots. I was told they would send in a report and look into this matter. I asked them to please put a rush on it so I could have a chance to participate. I still have not received a response. I know that kings does not need a screen shot of my 1st place win in order for them to look at the sever logs. I know I am not the only player who has had a similar issue. Kings launched a update on Tuesday October 19th. There are reports of crashed servers world wide between October 19th to October 21st. Due to these crashed servers I have lost my chance to Compete in the All Stars Tournament as has probably hundreds if other players. Us players deserve compensation and a chance to fairley compete. King should of never release a update in the middle of a country wide tournament. Now I know the common person most likely won't get enough attention to have anything done about this. Well I have a corporation specializing in gaming. I am a Game Content Creator I live stream on multiple platforms. I personally know multiple well known Game Content Creators who live stream on multiple platforms. I will make this issue known if King dose not give those player who where unfairly cheated out of the chance of completing in the All Stars Tournament competition and a fair chance to compete in the Tournament. The All Stars Tournament needs to be put on hold immediately. All players participating in the All Stars Tournament who was affected negativity by this update should be compensated with in game currency or boosters. The All Stars Tournament should be reheld at a latter date when it is confirmed that the issue with the servers which was most likely due to the update has been fixed. Once the the issue is confirmed to be fix the All Stars Tournament should be restarted inorder to give all the players a fair chance. Kings Candy Crush Saga should also make a public apology for irresponsibility releasing a update in the middle of a Tournament. Updates of all type are unpredictable so to release a update when your server activity is higher then it has been in years is extremely risky. Then doing it when you are hosting a country wide Tournament is extremely irresponsible.  

    To anyone who has been negatively affected by this update and the corresponding sever crashes while participating in the All Stars Tournament and as a result had or is currently having issues or has been unfairly disqualified please leave a reply sharing your experience. We will make this known and make sure that Kings Candy Crush Saga is held responsible for their mistake witch has caused hundreds of players to loose their game progress/in game currency/in game boosters/and position in the All Stars Tournament.


  • Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 13,551 Community Manager
    edited October 2021

    @headoperations All qualifiers, i.e. players who finished #1 will be manually checked after the round ended. If they have been using a hacking tool or any cheat engine, the players will be disqualified and the player who came #2 will qualify instead.

  • DaniTheOGDaniTheOG Posts: 2,113 Level 5

    This one ⤵️ is for my friend HeadO!


    Keep at it bro, take no prisoners!

    I had an encounter with another "Bill" -IYKWIM- some time ago so I know it just plain sucked so ...


    *Extra note: I'm so happy to see @Deryck around here! I remember him from the good old days in that Saga thread about changes in the game 🤦‍♀️ circa late 2019. As always, so refreshing to read him. Gotta go talk to my friend @Spieler_8675309 and reminisce...

  • seiler732seiler732 Posts: 22 Level 2

    I'm still mad that I was sitting waiting for tournament to start

    and once it finally came up, people were already way ahead. I haven't been able to catch up and there no way I can. That sucks. Fun while it lasted.

  • DeathKittenDKGDeathKittenDKG Posts: 24 Level 2
    edited October 2021


    On the 18th King launched a that caused world wide sever crashes witch is probably behind the reasoning for your game not showing up in time. There are hundreds of players who have lost their game progress, in-game items, and was unfairly disqualified from the All Stars Tournament due to not being able to play becouse the Tournament was delayed on their accounts or in some cases multiple days would go by without having access to the All Star Tournament at all. King has not informed any of there players of the on going world wide server crashes. I Just wanted to inform you.

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