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Level 10513 candy crush Saga


I only have 21 moves.... All videos have 30 moves...and complete on the last or last but one move.

Yawn. Tired of being treated differently.


  • Graham_the_NomadGraham_the_Nomad Posts: 90 Level 3

    Yawn.... Have not come anywhere near close.... Seems that the spawners spew out more chocolate on my game than those shown in the videos.

    I'm bored - Yawn

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  • Graham_the_NomadGraham_the_Nomad Posts: 90 Level 3

    Don't waste your boosters !!!

    1 hour of unlimited lives and unlimited colour bombs and not even close to clearance....

    Boring and I am fed up 🤬

  • KhoetjeKhoetje Posts: 2 Newbie

    Here also the same.........not even close to clearance. Please change the game and make it less difficult

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