The ability to not claim extra moves sent by a team mate.

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It happened to me yesterday. I finally got some extra moves from my teammate but it was afer a game that i just couldnt catch a decent break on so at the end i still had something like 50 jellies to collect. No way to do that in just two moves. But i claimed the two moves and played them and of course failed at the level. But the very next game i only had two jellies to clear at the end and wishd that i was able to have nit claimed he extra moves from the game before and they were available to me to use.

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    Hello and welcome

    I know what you mean, but it could be very difficult. What do you think about it?

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    @samiam1ofakind I absolutely agree with what you say. Two extra moves are rarely enough to help, and the moves you receive from Sweet Crew are just too random to be useful. That is, you don't know if your team mates have sent you any lives, and you don't know when they will arrive.

    I notice the lives from Sweet Crew don't appear automatically now, and you have to click on your lives to accept them. Something like this is needed for moves, so that they aren't forced on you when you don't need them.

    The problem is that extra moves are always received when you fail a level, so your idea would need something entirely new to be introduced into the game.

    The biggest problem with your idea is that King don't seem to like change, especially any change that would benefit the players.

    It would be nice if the moves of Sweet Crew were moved to a separate feature by the side of our in-game boosters. We know that this can be done as one of the boosters from the ice cream van is added as a separate item by our in-game boosters.

    @Spinnifix sorry it has taken me so long to respond, but your tag didn't produce a notification.

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