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candycrushinit Posts: 12,599 Level 5

Hey Candy Crushers!

So, I just ended my long streak because I didn’t have any more gold to continue. I had fun with the challenges from the calendar and collecting gold from Episode Race and Gold Rush. Some levels were intimidating like the ones where I have to collect a certain amount of chocolate squares without destroying them too early. I took it easy on the combos and let the chocolate take over some space until I know when it’s time to break them. Then came the bombs. If I didn’t want to spend any gold, I’d just use a lollipop to smash the one that was about to explode. My personal challenge was to reach 500, and I ultimately failed it.

And without further ado, I’ll share my record right here!

I took a screenshot before I played the level and spent the rest of my gold bars only for me to fail. I would like for everyone else to share their best win streak. Once I have restocked my supplies, then I will go for a longer streak. It’s your time to show off what you got and impress everybody. Is yours longer or shorter than mine?



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