Problem with hard candies in Candy Crush Saga

Sara_R.Sara_R. Posts: 12

Good morning, I played Candy Crush Saga on my smartphone that have an operative system Android and the last time I played before updating the app I haved one hammer lollipop and one free change. Before updating, the app is restarting by oneself and the two prizes (one hammer lollipop and one free change) that I won there wasn't. 

One hammer lollipop and one free change I won them with collecting hard candies.

Please solve my problem because I did not use this two prizes in the levels and these serve to me. Thank you for the attention.

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  • aCeaCe Posts: 1,442
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    Sara, if you check the site you will see that a lot of people lose their boosters when the game updates or when its installed. This is because the game isn't designed to save them. If you win a free booster its always best to use it there and then, that is how the game is meant to work I guess. 

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