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Trouble syncing Facebook and Candy Crush

Everytime I'm passing a level and I'm asking my FB friends to help me pass I never receive them on Candy Crush. I've tried logging out of CC and it claims that my game is synced but I don't get the messages or my friends requests never come through so I have to wait 3 days to pass a level. It's frustrating and I need help.


  • StuckInATreeStuckInATree Posts: 4,900 New Bee

    Making a fresh connection to Facebook can help, I followed these steps with my Nexus and started receiving things again so it's well worth a try!

    First you need to remove the Facebook App from your phone. Restart it, then open the game select Connect, this should open a browser window for you to sign in to Facebook.

    Once the game is connected again you can download the FB app.

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