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Level 11329

MikhailchMikhailch Posts: 22 Level 2

King has lost it.. Peeps raise your hands if this level is easy... This level should be scrapped.. Insane



  • ellectraellectra Posts: 255 Level 3

    The one before is not great either but i made it with a UFO and 5 extra moves.

    This one however...i had an hour of unlimited lives with starting boosters and closest i got was 70 jellies left. Used up my last free switch to combine 2 color bombs and it did...nothing.

    Whoever designed it should be made to play it until they can complete it in 20 moves. Possibly the worst i have ever seen (and there have been a bunch that are pure insanity). I am done trying for today.

  • Pattyt67Pattyt67 Posts: 206 Level 3

    This is by far the worst level. It looks like someone created it but never tried playing it! There is no way and I can’t find the board that I’m supposed to play even existing! My board is very different than those that played 2 weeks ago. This is sooo unfair. They took away my fantastic five and my prizes so I have nothing to play with. Only fair is fair. This isn’t it!

  • GordyFGordyF Posts: 180 Level 2

    Horrifically boring and frustrating.

    Accumulated 40 extra moves before even being tempted to use the obligatory 10 bars.

    Just as well used most of them.

  • Pattyt67Pattyt67 Posts: 206 Level 3

    I don’t know how it’s not another mistake by King. I saw a person do it with a huge amount of huge boosters. Ridiculous. They won’t even give me the ones I earned!!

  • justafoojustafoo Posts: 25 Level 2

    Stuck here too! Absolutely ridiculous. I am not even getting close! Losing my patience

  • Pattyt67Pattyt67 Posts: 206 Level 3

    It’s crazy impossible. And I lost my Five rewards so not even a saucer. Saw a person get it with tons of the biggest boosters. I’m seriously thinking about quitting and restarting. Whatever. Or finding a different game that is consistently fair. I’m a fair person and I am not about to help anyone be unfair. Not me

  • GordyFGordyF Posts: 180 Level 2

    Let's face it the level needs 40 moves as a start ... At least to get your interest.

    To be honest getting tired of posting about these levels ....

    The Admin etc are fkn useless.

    I'm on a mobile platform, My partner plays on another.

    All the levels I've moaned about ...She has breezed them.

    Tried her game myself .....What a change ....Back to the old days ... ie It might be difficult but you know one lucky candle will eventually appear.

  • Pattyt67Pattyt67 Posts: 206 Level 3

    What can you play on and not have this trouble? I’m on iPhone and iPad on Facebook. Should I be trying something else? I’m sure willing. This is a lost cause. There is no way this level can be completed as is. Not even with the extra moves because the blocks are so solid. I appreciate if you can explain about the device and how it makes a difference. Thank you

  • justafoojustafoo Posts: 25 Level 2

    @Pattyt67 you are not alone! I play on the same platforms and it's not passable even with extra 6 moves you can get without bars.

  • Pattyt67Pattyt67 Posts: 206 Level 3

    So this morning I had 11 gold bars. Accumulated 35 extra moves for 10 bars and got down in the 60’s left to get. Did a Hail Mary and passed the level! Never thought I would. If I didn’t have the gold bars to use the extra 35 moves there is no way it would have been possible! Because I was so long stuck I came in 4th in the car race and won 3 gold bars. I’m now the proud owner of 4 bars. Lol. I hope you get it. I’d give you my 4 bars but I don’t think they have that arrangement. I’ll see Wednesday what the next stopper is. If it’s as ridiculous I’ll be starting over at level one. Done being the red headed step child.

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