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Feedback on levels 11 646 - 11 690!



  • KessyHKessyH Posts: 38 Level 2
    edited May 7
  • Graham_the_NomadGraham_the_Nomad Posts: 136 Level 3

    Level 11656


  • Anne62Anne62 Posts: 13 Level 2

    Levels 11646 - 11660

    First episode from last week ..... Just completed ..... At a cost 😴

    Total pile of mince .... Boring, Restricted moves, Too few moves ..... Just utter Jobbies.

    Relax and enjoy ..... I don't think so.

    Be staying away for the time being, Will log in for the daily pish that's on offer but that's it.

  • KessyHKessyH Posts: 38 Level 2
  • Graham_the_NomadGraham_the_Nomad Posts: 136 Level 3

    Here's my feedback on level 11656:


  • Spieler_8675309Spieler_8675309 Posts: 4,259 Level 5
    edited May 8


    Yep, these levels are still being designed/maintained by bloody Neanderthals...

  • Carol-38Carol-38 Posts: 10,219 Level 5
    edited May 8

    Level 11666: I wasn't going to bother leaving feedback anymore as I'm fed up keep moaning, but this is ridiculous.

    Have played this 28 times, NOT shown as a hard level. Need to clear liquorice hidden by icing before you can really start to clear the board and collect the cherries. I did have a better board 3 plays ago where everything was cleared, just needed to collect the cherries. Only problem, there was only 2 cherries on the board.

    This level definitely needs looking at King. It's got boring after 28 tries especially when it's up to the board and not the player on what happens. Far too many blockers and not enough cherries.

    UPDATE: Now played 41 times and still nowhere near. Worse than a nighmarishly level. Testing to see if it can be done without extra moves, 10 gold. Guess I'll still be on it tomorrow.

  • MontrachetMontrachet Posts: 41 Level 2

    I have reached the same point, both in terms of the level and feeling the complete futility of providing feedback on individual boards.

    Why? Mainly because once you pass one excruciatingly tedious and headache-inducing level, you now know that you will only be faced with yet another one on the very next level. Not only that, it would appear that 80-90% of every episode is now dominated by such boards.

    It pains me to write this, but this once enjoyable game has become thoroughly grim. I always tried to post as positively as possible when I started to provide feedback here, and felt slightly uncomfortable reading the harshest critical views. The overall game is now just relentlessly boring and there appears little hope of recovery from the change in strategy that started on Level 9990.

    For clarity, this is not about 11666 specifically, but this level is emblematic of the dire state of affairs that now spoil the game. I always appreciate when a single level is addressed to aid progress, but it is of little value when the rest of the episode is a series of levels with the same issues. I understand that there is a financial imperative in this for the company, but I would politely request a change of overall strategy in contemporary levels. I don't want them to be easy ..... just possible and enjoyable.

    I will leave one last thought for @LindQ and colleagues to take on board. I don't think that this will be a revelation to you, but please bear in mind that not every 10,000+ player has an arsenal of 1000s Gold bars / 100s Boosters / 10s Party Poppers and UFOs to utilise. Like myself, I am sure that many, many players limp along with next to zero tools to address levels like 11666 and all the equally horrendous ones that now litter each and every episode. I have no idea how people have accumulated so many boosters, but whether they have been bought, hacked or otherwise acquired, they are not representative of so many players just trying to make progress in a once loved game. I am not averse to spending a little money now and then to support the game and company, but the current policy is self-defeating as people are averse to spending money to get past one level when they now know without any doubt that dozens and dozens of outrageously designed boards immediately await them.

    Nothing more to add. A response or explanation would be welcome if possible. I may well be missing the point and I am keen to hear about and better understand the company perspective.

  • CandyLVCandyLV Posts: 78 Level 2

    For those of you who complain on this board, the fact that you are still playing (me included), that says it all, unless a large percentage of players stop playing, hence no revenue to the company, then they will make some change, I guess?

    I am now stuck on level 11707, played it probably over 100 times, it's not possible without any boosters or extra moves. I am at the same point that I am not going to pay to move forward, knowing that the next one is just as horrendous. Looking at 11713 posted by another player, it's even worse than 11707, hopeless.... I just feel sad that after so many years, the game is not enjoyable anymore.

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