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Bad move by King.com

Quzie77Quzie77 Posts: 5 Level 2

I’ve been playing CC Saga for more than 7 years but a move that King instituted lately is really bad.

I am currently on level 5274. About 40 levels back I noticed that the number of moves couldn’t possibly clear the board. Then after failing 30 or more times on a level the offer of 5 more moves started adding extra moves, one move for each failure. Great I thought, I can just rack up a bunch more moves and only have to spend 10 gold bars. Then there would be a string of levels that could be cleared with the number of moves provided. Now every single level doesn’t have even close to enough moves to clear the board. And the offer after a loss now adds 3 extra moves each loss and starts after about 5 loses. my complaint is that IF you don’t have enough gold bars to just get the extra moves you have to buy them. The rewards don’t come fast enough so I find I am being “forced” to buy gold bars on every level. I do want to continue but it is getting to a point that I spending just to buy myself out of every level. Don’t get me wrong. I’ll always wait until the “extra moves” gets to 35 and I continue to play determined to not buy my way out this time, but the game just won’t let me win unless I pay.

I think King is making a fortune but this ploy just isn’t right.



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