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12103 Candy crush imposible without gold bars to pas levels

dopje Posts: 988 Level 2

12103 Need gold bars again to pass this level. levels are now impossible without gold bars. I don't have it anymore and I don't get it this way anymore. just won't get any further days stuck and fast race forget it. Weekly prize and weekly competition no chance. Too bad.


  • hearthomehappy
    hearthomehappy Posts: 49 Level 2

    So true....sick of these impossible levels....and of course the videos always have about 10 more moves.....just about don’t care anymore....just wish I could find another game that’s not so ridiculous that would help relieve stresss

  • Mumuba
    Mumuba Posts: 1 Newbie

    It's impossible to pass this level with so few movements. I can't even get halfway through the grid...

    To pass it, you will have to take gold bars several times

  • NathalieMaria
    NathalieMaria Posts: 62 Level 2

    I am in the same situation... Since weeks i earn no golden bars.. Just 1 per episode because are levels that cannot be passed. And after a few days they put just 4 extra moves and still the game is really hard to pass.. So tbis game 12103 will be passed by me after weeks and weeks.. Or maybe never because i will stop playing thos game if you continue to do like this.. Very dissapointing

  • Abdul15
    Abdul15 Posts: 155 Level 2

    Another one of those ridiculous impossible levels.Why do they reduce moves?

  • Pattyt67
    Pattyt67 Posts: 247 Level 3

    21 moves for me. 30 something for the people they like. I feel special! Why don’t they just leave it alone!?? I am human. I am NOT a gerbil on a treadmill! They aren’t paying me for their stupid, Unfair experiments! Tired of it. On to new games…

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