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We want your feedback on the levels 12 501 - 12 545!



  • ellectra
    ellectra Posts: 283 Level 3

    Also stuck on 12544, which will not be fixed at least until monday.

    Not a lot of fun being stuck on a level for 3-4 days, then pass a few only to be stuck at the next impossible level for another 3-4 days.

  • MrT2
    MrT2 Posts: 52 Level 2

    Just finished 12506.

    Yesterday, i “won” the “pick a pumpkin” color bomb and coconut wheel booster. This reward was a disaster.

    Unlike your regular booster, the pumpkin booster only gives you one coconut wheel at the start, which is not very effective.And you cant add your own coconut wheel. So you have two bad options:

    1. wait 30 min for the reward to expire
    2. continue playing, but you likely lose each time and then used your newly max alotment of 20 lives

    today, with no reward, i used my own coconut wheel booster. It appeared 3 times, and i finished the level.

    why do we keep seeing these bizar rules. This doesn't help King and turns off more players. If you give a reward, give a full reward. Others have pointed out other problems with boosters: when there is only one initial or limited initial space, boosters might make the level unplayable even before you made one move. So much for having used a booster.

  • angiebonner
    angiebonner Posts: 50 Level 2

    12544 is impossible please please fix it.it impossible with 18 moves.been on it for to long now.

  • Lmpy
    Lmpy Posts: 54 Level 2

    Everyone mentioning 12544 is completely right, the level is impossible without buying extra moves. Luckily I had 10 gold from completing a chocolate box ready to go for this level, or I would still be there now. But I have NO IDEA where I will get more gold from - I'm all spent and the new episode races doesn't work for me

  • Iluvgames
    Iluvgames Posts: 83 Level 3
    edited October 2022

    12508 is killing me,!! And there have been many levels just like this one over the past few months. 5 days on this level, probably 50-100 attempts per day over two devices, I have no gold bars left and no way to win moves or boosters. Ads are gone 😫. Multiple reshuffles because there are no possible moves or only one useless move available, happens all the time. I think I’ve probably been close enough to win maybe 10 times over the past 500 attempts, where if I bought the 10 bars for the extra 35 moves I could have won but I can’t afford to pay for moves or boosters. I end up quitting the levels, I would say 7 out of 10 times now, probably with about 6-10 moves left because I know it’s a waste of my time 🙄. Why did you change this game so drastically within the past few months ??? And I’m not just referring to level 12508. I don’t get it 🤔. Don’t you want us to play? And wouldn’t a reply be nice? But that’s not gonna happen is it 🙄. Geesh, this game is ruining my day and is incredibly frustrated, not happy 😔😫. Thanks

  • Iluvgames
    Iluvgames Posts: 83 Level 3

    Level 12511….I’ve gotten close a few times after 4 days of trying. If I had the Ads for Moves or Boosters option I could have passed it. Please bring the Ads back 🙏🙏🙏. I have no bars left to buy them.

    Plus, I literally have no chance at all to compete in the Candy Cup Event, at these levels specifically, unless I went back and replayed the easier levels others are competing at 🙄. Really not fair play…..

  • Iluvgames
    Iluvgames Posts: 83 Level 3
    edited October 2022

    Level 12534…50 tries this morning alone, both devices, starting with a stripe/wrapper combo cause I finally won a booster and NOTHING, NADA, NOT EVEN CLOSE 😡😡😡. Come on guys…..what are you doing to us?

    Guess I’ll have to go play Gin Rummy and Backgammon instead 🙄

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