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It's a joke

ViolettaP Posts: 85 Level 2

After taking a break for a few days from the community l returned and read the threads. There are still cheaters trying to persuade us that they haven't cheated. A lot of analysis on how they probably have made it into top 10 using no real money (lol), no cheats or bots (lol), cool and easy playing (lol), cool ways of playing (lol), bla bla bla. If King pass them into the finals l just want to remind these players that the finals are LIVE.

Yes King is at fault if there are "holes" in the system but all this gloating for their "success", in the community, from players who have cheated l don't understand. The rest of us also play the game and just by reading the threads understand who has cheated and who hasn't. We aren't stupid.

Good luck to the top 10 and we will be watching you.....


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