First you took Didi & Rami off me and now Mort's Magical Helmets is not appearing. What is going on?



  • Craig_SemmCraig_Semm Posts: 4 New Bee

    I have the same problem. Is King working on this?

  • Well it is one whole month since I last plated Candy Crush. After eight years in a wheel chair I had found a game that I enjoyed. Played for 12 weeks then all my fun disappeared. Not that they can't fix it. I see that Didi & Rami are back this week. But without the spaceships the game is not as exciting for me. Sure I spent some money. And I don't mind that. My wife was happy that I was getting some enjoyment from Candy Crush. It was a WIN/WIN situation. King got some money and I got some enjoyment. Now they have turned it into a LOSE/LOSE situation. They don't get my money and I don't get to enjoy playing Candy Crush. I have had a couple of emails from them but I will spare you the content as there was no good news. I feel sorry for the moderators. A bit like Car salesmen, Lawyers, etc. They have a job to do and they have to put the company spin on what we all know is not quite right. In Australia there is a thing called a fair go. Certainly don't feel like I am getting that with King and Candy Crush on PC.

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