where are the boosters my friends sent me????

Lynn_AllenLynn_Allen Posts: 19 Level 2

In the recent e-mail that the King Customer "person" sent, it was suggested that I re-request the boosters that were sent. Ok. How do you do that? I cannot directly talk to them to get their e-mail addresses. I don't play on Facebook.  I don't play on a smart phone.I play on your  blasted web site.  I guess I can pretty much kiss those, and any future boosters goodbye. Some of these issues can be resolved by the player on their end, but you guys need to take some responsibily about maintaining the site.  I suppose I can expect very little help what so ever on your end, except to receive automated replys, which never seems to address the issue asked, to my questions or problems. That is why I will never purchase anything from your site to help my  game.


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