Cannot receive lives or give lives to friends

dino2000dino2000 Posts: 2
I am unable to receive lives or give lives that are requested from my friend. Why is this happening?


  • dino2000dino2000 Posts: 2
    I am unable to send lives to friends that request them and cannot receive lives that I have been sent.Why is this just now happening?
  • same here, any solution?
  • ianwarianwar Posts: 1
    I cannot receive lives or entertain any of my friends requests
  • IstevanIstevan Posts: 7
    @dino2000 mai successo a me.
    Sei sicuro di avere una connessione Internet attiva?
    Un consiglio prova ad uscire dal gioco ed riavviare lo smartphone
  • I have problem for using computer not smartphone 
  • LauraBonterLauraBonter Posts: 1
    All my lives are gone and I am unable to give or receive lives from friends
  • Buddy_L._JacksonBuddy_L._Jackson Posts: 37 ✭✭
    Come on Pros, let's solve the problem.   And restore the 506 lives I lost because one of you tinkered around with the game's software
  • I haven't been able to receive lives from friends in about 2 weeks. I really hope this problem can get solved!
  • grhepfnergrhepfner Posts: 1
    Have had the same problem for months while playing the game on facebook - can't send or receive lives - mailbox is empty

  • lightning69lightning69 Posts: 2
    Has anyone heard anything about when they are going to fix this issue? No lives and same old boards. Make it different
  • Joseph45Joseph45 Posts: 1,589 Legend
    If you look in King’s Help Center in Candy Crush Friends Saga by clicking the settings button and then the blue question mark, it has a brief article about this matter. They said that the info should be updated when the issue is resolved. Hope this helps you guys!

  • equeen26equeen26 Posts: 1
    I really thought it was just my problem not to be able to get lives. This is nonsense. The last time I checked here you said you were looking for a solution. Looks like that's not happening. Love this game but it's silly that this many people can't move forward faster because of a glitch. Is it getting fixed.
  • Joseph45Joseph45 Posts: 1,589 Legend
    I would assume so. Perhaps it’s very complicated. After all, there are millions of players all over the world. We just need to be patient, I guess.

  • Buddy_L._JacksonBuddy_L._Jackson Posts: 37 ✭✭
    I had 506 lives saved in Facebook Candy Crush Saga. When I logged in on 11/10/18 on my HP Laptop they were gone. 
    Why did they disappear??
    I ask for compensation for Kings deletion of my lives and explanation on why they were deleted
  • I think we're all having the same problem. I usually got 16 or more lives a day from friends. It's been 0 since about the same time everyone else lost theirs. The company doesn't seem to care.
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