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Karen5Karen5 Posts: 3
Before new devices, iPad Candy Crush was on a level in the 1500’s. iPhone on level 516 and still is.  I only play on my iPad now. 

Ipad converted at the correct level, but with no competitors; just me at #1. 

So I deleted it, thinking that the cloud might bring it back properly. So now I’m at #1 on my iPad and 516 on my iPhone. I cannot start over years of playing at #1. Can you just get someone to start at a higher level?  Or, at a minimum, get level 516 to load on my iPad from my iPhone?

Boo hoo and thanks. 


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  • Karen5Karen5 Posts: 3
    It was a great answer. When I connect with Facebook, I’m still at the beginning level.  I’m not willing to close all my Safari tabs and delete the history.  I can’t seem to land back on the page suggested in the last paragraph and find the questions selections indicated.  
  • Karen5Karen5 Posts: 3
    I did contact support and the person figured out my problem. So I’m one step away from being restored to level 1669. 

    Thanks again, JustPlaying. 
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