Boosters & Contest Win Lost after Reinstall of Candy Crush

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On 11/26/18, I took my iPhone 6 into an Apple store.  Since I had been having significant rapid battery discharge issues (the battery was new in mid-October) the Apple tech told me, after reviewing battery use, that I should try uninstalling Candy Crush to see if it corrected the problem.  It did not and, after 2 more visits on the same day to the same store, the head tech told me that the phone was defective, and gave me a new iPhone 6 (I must say that I was more than a little surprised by this level of service - the phone was 3+ years old!).  The next day I reinstalled CC. Similar to experiences others have had, that I have read on blogs during the 5+ years I've been playing the game, I lost all of the boosters I had accumulated, and also lost the win I'm sure I had in the weekly Space Race contest.

This problem has been going on for years, and you folks seem not to have found a way to fix it (it also happened to my wife a few years ago.)  I've had a CC Account for several years now, and you seem to have no problem processing payments for gold bars (I've spent more than I would like to admit on them during the past 12-18 months.)  

So we are now at a crossroads.  I am currently on Level 4005 and, frankly, the game has gotten boring.  One has to play enough lower levels to get the space ships or the booster bots, and to acquire sugar drops, in order to have any chance of winning most of your newer levels.  I had (approximately) the following boosters in my account when the uninstall took place:  Color Bombs - 200,  Lollipop Hammers - 25, Stripe/Wrap - 200, Coconut Wheels - Hundreds (although they aren't really all that useful), Hands - 50,  Jelly Fish - 150, Check Marks - at least 200 (also not all that useful),  Flying Saucer - 1 (plus the one I would have won from the Space Race last week),  and Stripe Painter - 1 (I've never gotten around to using this.)  The only thing I got from my "account" with you folks were the gold bars I had, and a return to the level (4005) that I was at when the game was uninstalled.

You may either restore the boosters that you took from me, or I intend to use up the gold bars and quit CC.  Although it is fine for killing time, it has really gotten boring to play any more, and I'm not about to try to build up the booster supply to where it was in order to be able to try to complete any more levels.  I fully realize that the loss of one paying customer is probably not any big deal to you, but I thought you should know that I really feel that this is wrong, and that you folks have apparently not made enough of an effort to fix this long-standing problem

I'll look forward to hearing from you.  Incidentally, the account I use for the game is under the same email as the one I used to register for this site.  


  • JustPlayingJustPlaying Posts: 3,886 Superstar
    Hi @JBreisch Welcome to the Candy Crush Friends Saga Community.

    I think you meant to post this on the Candy Crush Saga Community but I can try to answer you here since the answer is the same.  

    Boosters are stored locally on your device and are not saved on the servers with your progress and gold bars. This means they will not be transferred to new devices and any issue with a device they are stored on could cause loss.. see full explanation here

    This is by design and is not a bug or issue as boosters are meant to be used and not collected.  I will escalate to the CM for Candy Crush Saga to see if there is anything they can do for you since some were won/purchased but unfortunately I can not guarantee anything and they would be able to look into further.

    I am sorry you had an issue with your phone and am glad you were able to fix and play again. It will most likely be a few days to hear back.

    Sorry for the inconvenience,


  • QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 4,827 Community Manager
    Thanks @JustPlaying for flagging this to me.

    Hello @JBreisch and warm welcome to the Community! As @JustPlaying mentioned, we do not refund saved boosters nor extra lives as they’re designed to be used in your game as you play, rather than collecting them and there’s no benefit to you in keeping hold of them.

    However, I understand it is pretty frustrating to lose the items you’ve worked so hard to collect! Therefore, I have added a few items back to your account as well as some Gold bars as a one off compensation - You'll find them next time you access the game via your phone. I hope that it helps getting back into the game. 

    Happy crushing and sweet day :)

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