Candy Crush price increase.

StoddyStoddy Posts: 1
Type your message How can you justifty doubling the cost of buying gold bars? Used to be 2.99 for 60 now 2.99 for 30.


  • ElsaElsa Posts: 12,182 Superstar
    HI @Stoddy, I am merely the volunteer who comes here to help answer questions.  I don't know why they decreased the number of gold bars in the piggy bank but I know that a lot of players were very upset about this.  It was going through a testing for a while to see if the players would continue to purchase it.  King monitors everything that happens on the games and I was hoping that the players would stop purchasing it and then the test would fail.  I think it might now be out of testing so I guess enough players continued to purchase the 30 gold bars for the same price, according to the data that they collected.  
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