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🎉 Epic Prize Poll Reveal - The Big Day is coming up!

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Sweet just got serious!

That's right Crushers, here is your chance to grab a slice of the epic $1,000,000 USD prize pool!

Terms apply!

How to Play!

  1. Collect those shimmering purple star candies 🟣
  2. Climb up that leaderboard like the superstar you are 🌟
  3. Blast through the stages and secure your spot in the Live Final 🏆
  4. Compete against other in a Live Final for the grand prize 🤩

When does it start!

Don't miss out on the Qualifiers 1 & 2 happening from March 26 to April 9. Mark your calendars, set your alarms, and let's crush this challenge together! 💪

Don't forget to check out the Hub in the your game 👀

More info will come soon in the community...

So, what are you waiting for? Let's create some delicious victory stories to tell!

Share the love if you're as excited as we are and let's get the game begin 😉

🎉 Epic Prize Poll Reveal - The Big Day is coming up! 197 votes

Buzzing with excitement! I'm ready to crush the competition
Sarah_BradfieldfwtinaRubyRoycedanimilleobadardakhemaramShilviya18Coffeecat4SIRKIMarkktrHtianenmidilusagemom200mimisEnbyclsmyth86ZDMIKE7CupcakebabiiFuzzyUnicornragdahmanrizzYodaTeacha 102 votes
Feeling Optimistic! Hope it's as fun as it sounds
mintmin2samm_kmlElviramartinez_61xoxravenlollcastro1994DeeannIsAwesomeCoonMaken1690mrallen2ushiqalowotryanRajapandiyanpothirajGuiDoidaoashok111bash_12345arialifeMarianHromy18250124maleadmz 26 votes
Intrigued! Curious about what makes this event different
Beth_Mc_HughbearwithmeOmotolani88KyshA72Chitshowvikesfan53Bunni3Skittl3z831JermainePowellelfsucu 9 votes
Mixed Feelings! Excited but worried it might be too challenging
Tzvi_MarcuPummyRajaautz1PrettyBubblesMiladyRDieOmimiGingerCrusherPrincess_Jessicadlynn61moe75Roxyt80JONH10Gamer_christinewuppnekocatmateiac1955boniboi30preetsumpatty650Naraviana 22 votes
Just Here for the Candies! I enjoy the classic gameplay and love crushing candies at my own sweet pace
Kazza-3Werner_CichyScooterpieSabrinaMEnergizerBunnySpinnifixMountainMomdgabbieslelenspadidas11zs1982greddycandyAlienscardeblgRacoon7Palash_SarmaAmoonmoonNico_GteenybeeJavikasRhonda_L 38 votes


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