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🌟🎶 New Tunes - All Stars Event!

QueenB Posts: 14,465 Community Manager
edited March 27 in All Stars

Hey Crushers!

We've sprinkled a little extra sugar in our latest All Stars event with a brand-new music 🎶

Whether you're matching candies or completing those deliciously difficult levels, we've got some fresh tunes to keep your spirits high and your crushing game strong.

But here's the sweet question we have for you:

Are you playing with the sound on? 🎧 And if so, what do you think of our new candylicious soundtrack?

Does it get your toes tapping, or are you too focused on your crushing quest to notice?

🔊 Sound On? Let us know below 😉

Drop your thoughts, feedback, or even your own musical suggestions in the comments below! Your input is as valuable as a Super Color Bomb Combo, and it helps us make the game sweeter for everyone. 🎵🍬

Let's make some noise for the All Stars event - with or without sound!

🌟🎶 New Tunes - All Stars Event! 49 votes

Love it! It's the cherry on top of my crushing game
arkktrsahuyuvraj2200mimismuhejemalGuiDoidao[Deleted User]sushantkumar1111 7 votes
It's a nice beat. Keeps my candy-crushing vibes going strong
gamepowerdlynn61Agilenibarn 4 votes
Haven't noticed. I'm too focused on my strategy to tune in
Rich4580 1 vote
Prefer the old tunes. I miss the classic sounds
I play silently. I like to crush in quiet or listen to my own playlist
Peter_TornarosScooterpieKerrieMiladyRmaf34100RubyRoyceDieOmimiKingsDaughter14badardakhemaramShilviya18rebelchildPrincess_Jessicaadidas11zs1982Racoon7medkourElviramartinez_61AmoonmoonNico_Gteenybeemoe75 37 votes


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