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⭐ All Stars Side Challenges - Starting in April!

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It's time to elevate your game with our latest All Stars Side Challenges! As you gear up for the main event, these special quests are the perfect way to hone your skills, collect delightful rewards.

Roberta, Olivia, and Mr. Toffee are ready to guide you through a series of fun-filled challenges where your candy collecting skills will be the star of the show. Here's your chance to grab those extra sweets and badges that showcase your prowess in preparation for the main All Stars event!

Whether it's scooping up blue candies with Roberta or grabbing green goodies with Olivia, each quest is a stepping stone to the grand stage. And don’t forget about collecting stars for Mr. Toffee's photo album – it's not just about the memories; it's about the sweet victory!

Cooldown Quests - Roberta & Tiffi

Roberta is helping Tiffi get ready for the next stage of All Stars! Collecting blue candies and reaching each stage for sweet rewards.

Take on her quests to practice your skills!

  • Dates:
    • 1st to 5th Apr
    • 5th to 9th Apr
    • 17th to 20th Apr

Cooldown Quests - Olivia & Tiffi

Olivia is helping Tiffi get ready for the next stage in All Stars! Collecting green candies and reaching each stage for sweet rewards.

  • Dates:
    • 9th to 12th Apr
    • 12th to 17th Apr

Cooldown Collection - Mr. Toffee

Collect level stars to finalize Mr. Toffee’s photo. Win milestone rewards on the way.

  • Dates: 20th to 28th Apr

As we wrap up these exciting side challenges, drop us a line by commenting below. Your stories of triumph, your favorite moments, and your candy-crushing strategies could inspire the entire community!



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