Piggy bank price increase

jasmin91jasmin91 Posts: 9 Newbie
Why is my piggy bank full at only 30 gold bars and other people still have capacity for 60 gold bars? That isn't fair and its ridiculous to double prices overnight for loyal customers ONLY and try to exploit us. I wrote about this in the general discussion and an overwhelming amount of people agreed with me and are quitting the game. I tried being patient and waiting for it to go back to 60 bars or for admin to at least acknowledge my post, but its been a couple of weeks and this is getting ridiculous. I will never purchase gold bars again if my prices are TWICE as much as other people. It's not fair and discriminatory. Change it back now or else you'll be losing countless loyal customers. 

Warning for new players of the game: Do not purchase piggy banks regularly, because they'll end up hiking up your prices too!!!


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