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🌟 Last chance to qualify for All Stars! 🌟

QueenB Posts: 14,465 Community Manager
edited April 18 in All Stars

Dear Candy players, this is your FINAL call to join the ranks of the All Stars! We've got another second chance for you to qualify, so if you missed out before, now’s the time to shine!

Round 1: First place moves on.
📅 When: 17th April, 3 PM EDT - 18th April, 3 PM EDT
If you don’t make it in this round, you are out of the competition.

Round 2: First place advances again.
📅 When: 19th April, 9 AM EDT - 20th April, 9 AM EDT
 If you don’t make it, you are out of the competition.

Best of luck everyone, let us know how you are doing! 🎉


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