Repeating levels



  • heitman19heitman19 Posts: 9
    Another repeat on level 1918.
  • heitman19heitman19 Posts: 9
    I had to use multiple lives and boosts to pass levels I’ve already beaten. This kinda thing makes me not wanna play anymore.
  • KatisCKatisC Posts: 2
    Me too. They were absolutely awful levels to play the first time around and now I’m having to do them again and using up valuable boosters. I’ve just had 4 out of 6 levels being repeats and it utterly sucks and makes playing pointless. 
    What is going on?!?! 🤬😡🤬😡
  • José_SavelkoulJosé_Savelkoul Posts: 39 ✭✭
    edited March 12
    Elsa said:
    I agree with you @José_Savelkoul but I haven't heard a thing except that it's a test.  Believe me I would like to know what the reasoning behind this test is too but I haven't gotten any answer yet.

    So, it's a test, but on what? On how to mess up with a game? Because, they've succeeded in it, they're messing up big time. And it's been a month already now. That's just an excuse. (If I go buy a new vacuümcleaner, it's been tested already. No need to do that again, unless it's broken). Just a tip from a Dutch lady.

    Have a sweet day...

  • heitman19heitman19 Posts: 9
    Another repeat on 1940. Sigh.
  • heitman19heitman19 Posts: 9
    Another repeat on 1950. I just updated the app last night. I'm trying to compete in the space race and it gets super agitating when I have to repeat hard levels that I've already beaten. It seems unfair when others don't have to do that. 
  • heitman19heitman19 Posts: 9
    Another repeat 1952.
  • heitman19heitman19 Posts: 9
    Repeat on 1981. Well, at least a got a handful of levels before repeating again...
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