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  • CrushCandyGirlCrushCandyGirl Posts: 8

    On the levels with multiple objectives (reaching certain a score, clear the board of chocolate, and collect the cherry's) I focus on one objective at a time. It can get kind of tricky to focus on one objective when you only have just a few moves, but it is crucial to win the level.

  • CrushCandyGirlCrushCandyGirl Posts: 8

    When I have a level to clear and collect a certain number of chocolate, the first thing I do is look at my board to analyze my first few moves. I want to make specials but not to many that I would clear the board of the machine that generates the chocolate. Get a good number of chocolates on the board but also not to much that you have no macthing candy to move. These levels can be tricky, but rewarding when you beat it.

  • CrushCandyGirlCrushCandyGirl Posts: 8

    Hard levels can be overwhelming but remember it's a game and it's for fun and to pass time. If I find myself stuck on a level I watch YouTube videos to help me with extra tricks and pointers on that particular level. Suzie the Candy Crush Guru is a great one to watch. After watching I try again, if needed I add in boosters. I hope this helps you.

  • CrushCandyGirlCrushCandyGirl Posts: 8

    If you do happen to buy boosters, or purchase gold bars there is usually a level in the game on the map, where they will award you with free gold bars and a booster or 2 depending on what you purchased. If anyone who did want to buy some stuff but felt like the package lacks, compared to the price you pay.

  • CrushCandyGirlCrushCandyGirl Posts: 8
    edited April 8

    The boosters that are given by spinning the wheel and other free activities. Try to save them and let them collect for use on the harder levels. That way you can get the full effect out of your boosters and win the hard levels without having to keep replaying.

  • EFYAEFYA Posts: 2

    Does anyone got a Tip, application, idea or way to cheat in getting extra or unlimited moves? Candy Crush reduced the amount of moves and even using all my boosters not able to complete my level.

  • ayzenbergayzenberg Posts: 9

    @EFYA I don't know about cheating to get an unlimited moves, but when you have a full built a boat, you've got 3 extra moves. Also once in 2 days you have a free wheel there you have a chance to get booster or 5 extra moves or even 15 extra moves.

  • SammyjoSammyjo Posts: 109 ✭✭✭

    I also recommend using Suzie the Candy Crush Guru. She also gives verbal tips as you watch her videos. I find that it is much easier to understand her strategies that way. I also recommend the All Help Blog, because it gives great tips from both the blog moderator and other players. I find these 2 resources to be a winning combination. I hope that this is helpful.

  • luckylou611luckylou611 Posts: 1
    As a way to make things interesting and a bit harder for myself, on hard levels I challenge myself to not use any of the ‘help’ candies and try to strategically play without the cheats! I’m not always able to beat the levels that way, but it definitely pushes me to find trickier moves and better strategic game play!
  • bearwithmebearwithme Posts: 3,503 Superstar
    I have found that sometimes when you’re on a level with bombs if you buy additional time (use some of those free gold bars you win) you not only add time to the bomb(s) that are about to explode but sometimes it greatly increases the time for the other bombs. In other words - if all the bombs originally had a  countdown of five, suddenly the countdown for all bombs is now 15. 

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  • Crimson_DawnCrimson_Dawn Posts: 1,918 Superstar
    Here's another tip. Destruction is not always the key. Some levels contain magic mixers that produce things needed to complete an order. If they are destroyed, you will lose the level.

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  • Esther_1015Esther_1015 Posts: 1
    Candy crush requires focus and wide reasoning. With this I don't stay too long on a level except I am just been lazy 😋😋
  • Irene_lickyIrene_licky Posts: 6
    Does anyone have an idea of how to finish level 1630, I played this level more than 25times but nothing I almost deleted this game 
  • laffytaffy64laffytaffy64 Posts: 6
    Here’s a trick that needs to be featured: when Mystery Candies are on conveyor belts, when matched, they can only turn into Special Candies or Bombs. They cannot turn into any random blocker, except liquorice. I hope this tip gets featured. I am so broke in CCS. I need some more Gold to buy extra lives and boosters and extra moves.
  • laffytaffy64laffytaffy64 Posts: 6
    Here's another tip. Destruction is not always the key. Some levels contain magic mixers that produce things needed to complete an order. If they are destroyed, you will lose the level.
    @Crimson_Dawn that’s right. However, if you already collected the required order, don’t let the magic mixers take much space for you to collect the other orders you need. Just destroy them if you need to.
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