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Can't save progress to Kingdom

Guyatron2Guyatron2 Posts: 4 Newbie
Haven't been able to save progress to either FB or Kingdom for some time. Have tried all the tips I can find...but still can't log into the Kingdom from settings (avatar and username have disappeared but email address is OK). Have successfully reset Kingdom password but message is 'Oops an unknown error has occurred'. I have been playing without any freebies for months - the special candies accrue but rewards don't become available to use (now up to >7000 lol). No daily spins etc or free lives. Also can't logout - message is 'No Internet connection found'. Have deleted FB, turned device off, reinstalled etc, cleared cache - tried to follow all suggestions I can find but still can't get past the connection difficulties. Have screenshot of current progress. Any further suggestions welcome. Thanks


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