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Timed Sugar Drops



  • sdraissdrais Posts: 5 New Bee
    Agree with all above.  Time boosters are worthless.  Hammers and hand switches are why I grind on sugar drops.
    Absolutely no point on playing every day now.  Now I guess I will just take the daily spin, then wait until new levels open up.
  • mlaemlae Posts: 30 Level 2
    This change makes no sense!
  • mlaemlae Posts: 30 Level 2
    This change is horrible! I HATE it. Now I don't have any option to get hammer and switch :(
  • NoneTheWiserNoneTheWiser Posts: 6 New Bee
    I created this account just to express my disappointment with this recent change to timed boosters. I guess I should be grateful for all the spare time I will have now, as I will not be playing in the future if it is not changed back. 

  • pvalla2pvalla2 Posts: 42 Level 2
    Aaarrrgghh!!!!  Timed boosters are useless. King,  please put the sugar drop challenge back to allowing the accumulation of boosters.  They are needed to pass the harder levels. Also, I beg you, take me out of your beta test groups. These weekly changes/test of potential modifications to different aspects of the game are untenable. 
  • dirkplofdirkplof Posts: 3 New Bee
    The person responsible for the changes regarding the time boosters obviously has no connection with the game ! Question : if you're in the waiting room for 1 week until there are new levels , what's the use of playing during the waiting ? Normally I always try to pass the levels without using boosters , but as the levels became harder it sure was handy to have boosters as a back-up ! If you won't change it to the former stats I can imagine that lots of players will quit the game , sadly enough !

  • Crimson_DawnCrimson_Dawn Posts: 2,037 Superstar
    I'm just thankful I still have the regular sugar drops at this point!😅
  • lauriehedlauriehed Posts: 2 New Bee
    The boosters that you earned should not be timed. Please go back to being able to save them. 
  • harrybrettjonesharrybrettjones Posts: 1 New Bee
    Completely agree, this is particularly annoying for anyone who has reached the end and has to wait for new levels to appear each week. Once these have been passed if we can save sugar drop boosters then there is no incentive to play old levels. 
  • meeganjanemeeganjane Posts: 22 Level 2
    I have also moved to timed rewards today - boooooooooo King! What an awful and useless thing to do. I have also lost the Space Race on my account, it never showed today, not on my iPhone, ipad, Chrome, Edge or Firefox. I am really unimpressed that you take the top players and remove all of their boosters. Please restore us to how It was.
  • Debbie-5Debbie-5 Posts: 292 Level 3
    Yep, I too have the timed boosters....Such a waste of my time to play lower levels now.   This change just might be what I've needed to quit playing CC all together.   Just play new levels released and when the boosters are gone....their gone....as well as game play. 
  • knitsafghansknitsafghans Posts: 44 Level 2
    edited June 2019
    This is sad but I realized there is still just a slight incentive for midweek play.   If you are in a period where you have ‘watch video for spin’ you can still earn boosters in lieu of extra moves by losing, spinning and Not getting extra moves.      Not inspiring.    Sugar drops much better.   
  • bearwithmebearwithme Posts: 5,362 Superstar
    I got a response from the community moderator @Jelly Jenny and she confirmed that we are in the group of testers and that King is looking at different ways to tweak the game and keep it interesting.  Obviously this is NOT the way to do it!  I used to collect sugar drops twice a day - not only for the hammers and switches but also to have a nice supply of the other boosters too because when I am faced with a really hard level - I blast it with everything I've got so I can pass it (hopefully the first time).  

    Your feedback is invaluable and is actually what King is looking for so please keep posting and let your voices be heard.  This is the only way we will have a chance to get rid of the timed sugar drops and get the original ones back.  The Community Moderator is passing our feedback to King and the game developers so keep posting!

    In the meantime, since you aren't collecting sugar drops like you used to - there is a great contest (spread throughout all 14 games) where you can win 100 gold bars if you solve all 14 puzzles!  Please check it out here:

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  • Lindsey_AshLindsey_Ash Posts: 68 Level 3
    this is not fair, I was in the first group that didn't get sugar drops for 6 weeks and now I am in this group for timed boosters. wow! The least King could do is pick a different group of people not the same group. This is BS.
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