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Can we please have a back out for all in-game boosters?

ElsaElsa Posts: 19,992 Superstar
Below please find a video that was created to show the studio that we would like to have a way to back out of all in-game boosters.  At the moment we can only back out of the hand switch, lollipop and striped candy.  Can you please make a back out for the UFO and the Party Popper?  Players have often hit the wrong booster, such as the UFO, and they had to use it in the game when they didn't want to do that.  I think this would be beneficial to everyone if they were able to back out of all these in-game boosters, so please see if you can do this for us?

18 votes

Implemented · Last Updated

This idea has been implemented. Thanks for the idea and voting!


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