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Timed Sugar Drops



  • ScooterpieScooterpie Posts: 1,632 Legend
    My boosters have been all timed or a combination on both the "Treat Calendar and Sugar Drops" for about the month that you have had normal ones. I believe that it will end up being a mixture of the timed/regular boosters. I think King will leave the Treat Calendar with timed/regular booster combo and will return the Sugar Drop boosters to normal. This would be an improvement. Something is up that is for sure! 🙃🔨🍬
  • Kazza-3Kazza-3 Posts: 90 Level 3
    I have the occasional regular non-timed booster mixed in, but the majority are still timed and still mostly useless as always.
    And now the Candy Quest has disappeared, at least that was a reliable way to pick up boosters but it’s gone.
    Plus I haven’t had the bot or space dash all week. All this makes trying to pass the higher levels almost impossible.

    When the life regeneration was switched to 60 minutes instead of 30 (which I also had to endure) people complained for only a few days & they changed it back. The community has been complaining about the ridiculous tweaks to the sugar drops for months & been virtually ignored. How is that fair?
  • Jackie_CoeJackie_Coe Posts: 88 Level 3
    Totally agree with you Kazza 3.  This link is now up to 29 pages and had a lot of support which is still on going!
     I messaged bearwithme, one of the founders of this link, a couple of days ago but he had no further information.
    Things are going from bad to worse and I think that CC just want us all to quit, as most of us don’t buy boosters!  We were “promised “ in June that this would “possibly “ be amended by mid August, it’s now the 24th and still nothing........glad I didn’t hold my breathe!

  • Fr_CaymanFr_Cayman Posts: 66 Level 3
    Dear Lawd.  I had the timed boosters for about three weeks.  I quit playing for the most part.  Checked in and collected my daily stuff, spin etc...but then everything returned to normal.  The only time I get a timed booster is after 5000 points on Fab5 or when that cow that we feed visits.  Space dash and build a bot are around but never at the same time, but I have them.

    I just don't understand why they returned it back for some and not others.  If I was a big paying customer, which I am not, I would be extremely perturbed to say the least.

    I just have regular boosters, no mix of anything.  Thankfully....

    On a personal note - I just passed level 4000 after only several months of playing.  Woo hoo.  First time around, before all the added treats, and in the era of 'tornados' messing up the board, it took me two years to reach level 1900.  So feeling good about that....

    Good luck folks, and I pray they fix yours rather than screw up mine!
  • ralphsharralphshar Posts: 19 Level 2
    I’ve had nothing but timed  boosters for probably six weeks now. I used to get the occasional hammer or gold bar. Now the last five times I’ve played absolutely nothing but timed boosters. I quit
  • Fred_EllisonFred_Ellison Posts: 15 Level 2
    Before you quit you should consider the other beneficial changes that the game is now providing; such as the ability to start every game with up to three candy bombs 3 extra moves two striped and wrapped candies and this is maintainable when you win new or old levels.  So find one game that you can win continuously and return to it every time you lose a level to maintain this starting advantage every time.
  • Kazza-3Kazza-3 Posts: 90 Level 3
    @Fred_Ellison I assume you’re talking about the bot or space dash? My problem is that I don’t have either in my game, it disappeared a week ago. This has been a recurring thing, one week I have it, the next I don’t.
    King randomly swaps people in & out of test groups for these beneficial perks so much, it’s so frustrating. 
    Trying to complete the higher levels with no bot & the ridiculous timed sugar drops, & only the occasional rare video to start with a booster, I’m hardly playing anymore.
  • gatorcrunchgatorcrunch Posts: 19 Level 2
    I'm just about to drop this game as well.  Finished with all of the current mobile levels, but noticed they cut out the challenges that we could do every 12 hours for a hammer and other boosters.  Also, the change they made to the sugar drops is really stupid.  Having it now where you can't see where you are at when you start a level but rather adding that other worthless screen where it moves to the right is pointless.  And making almost all of the boosters earned to be timed ices the cake of leaving this game behind.   I wish King would have just left things alone but it seems like they are searching for ways to make all of us spenders.  Good luck with that!
  • mw111mw111 Posts: 20 Level 2
    Hi, fellow fed-up Candy fans.  I'm also still waiting and watching.

    I play the new levels that come out each week, but I just don't enjoy it as I used to, when it was worth playing  each day to collect sugar drops.  
    I find the timed boosters so frustrating.  And all the other clutter that flashes up and is not very useful, such as gold crowns, scrolls, and the so-called 'contests'.  

    So, I'll carry on for now, and hope....
  • Marion_HarrisonMarion_Harrison Posts: 8 Level 2
    apart from the timed boosters, you have a little button ( for want of a better word )  to take you back to the top of the levels, why cant we have one to take us back down,  sick of all the scrolling, i like to gift my freinds with a life every time i go in, ( which isnt as often since timed boosters) in fact i have to push myself to even bother, but im hanging in there in case King changes back to the old way, anyway  i have to scroll all the way down to level one,to send lives,seems like nit picking i know lol but its annoying , come on King be nice to your loyal fans take us back to normal, 
  • Fred_EllisonFred_Ellison Posts: 15 Level 2
    I agree with the real need for a scroll bar both up and down I spend too much time trying to get to the game I need and mouse scrolling is not fast enough. 
  • Fred_EllisonFred_Ellison Posts: 15 Level 2
    @kassa-3 No Bot?  You may be having technical difficulties with your set up.  Sometimes, I  have to reboot hardware, reset your Internet connection, reload the game, sign on to facebook, log out of and back into the King version,  just to recover the bot.  You may however be in a test group but I don't think so.
  • Kazza-3Kazza-3 Posts: 90 Level 3
    @Fred_Ellison I’ve tried all of that with no luck. Since it seems to follow a pattern of one week with, one week without, I’m hopeful it will be back tomorrow.
    But thank you for the advice. 🙂
  • Ah_KwangAh_Kwang Posts: 79 Level 3
    The Bot dissappear for a while on mo day morning and becomes the spaceship in the evening. You just have to wait.
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