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Candy Crush Saga

TRICIA4955TRICIA4955 Posts: 194 Level 3
Many players are not able to send lives (including me).  Please fix this issue!  


  • PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 7,700 Superstar
    Hello @TRICIA4955, Hope you are having a nice day :) 

    From yesterday on wards, there has been an issue through Facebook to send and ask for lives.  It is affecting all the King games AND non-king games too!  

    Out King team are aware about it and are working with the Facebook team to fix the issue as soon as possible.  I guess we just have to be bit patient for next couple of days!!  

    Hope this clarifies why the problem is appearing!  Please let me know if you need further assistance / clarifications!

    Talk to you soon!  Have a wonderful rest of the day/evening!

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