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    Hi @sueK
    We would like to welcome you to the king community. Thank you so much for being willing to joining🤗

    You have to score 2,000,000 points in 20 moves to complete level 2237! 
    Forget about the right side of the board to begin with and concentrate on unlocking the two UFO's at the bottom of the left side.To unblock the UFO's you need to clear the licorice from under the dispensers so that the keys can fall out, then keep matching keys until the UFO's are unlocked.
    The UFO's will clear all the bombs for you and grow the popcorns 2 stages. If you have hit some of the popcorns before you will get some colour bombs which you should use to clear as many bombs as possible.Don't switch the colour bombs with another special candy or you won't get many points. Just keep making them and switching them with bombs.Save the second UFO until you have used up all your colour bombs or you will lose them without getting much score. The second UFO will grow the remaining popcorns and hopefully leave you a few to use.
    Bombs won't drop every move when you are using colour bombs to clear them, so it may be worth making a simple 3 candy switch to get the bombs to drop before you use a colour bomb.

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