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Dexter Challenge: What would you prefer for Dexter's challenges?

PounaweaPounawea Posts: 585 Community Manager
Please vote for your favorite option and let us know why!
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Dexter Challenge: What would you prefer for Dexter's challenges? 173 votes

I want the Dexter Challenge active in the game, don’t mind the duration of the Space Race
MarieselSharon_LooseTeresa-4Pramod_Kumar-4ScooterpieMary-Ann_AvellaEd_BaisdenVon_3Glenn1972twed76WrumpLandMangaitininha1975hodgeepooLesliethomasSofia1992JethrinaBodinasamm_kmlCarenmarlenElena_zapata2020 62 votes
I prefer the 24 hours Space Races
ElsaSagaRGrace_ClykeFakhruddin-2Hesham_ShaheenMim_Benni_JonesSomegirlernstblnfathimabearwithmeDeryckanakin69FakhriIndia61FaRayhacandyblakessiti_payungsoosiesuzyboots30 36 votes
I prefer the 4 days Space Races
Kazza-3Werner_CichyRhiannon_DaviesSukanta_BiswasNimo_Jinkiara_waelDoubleB423mercerikSpinnifixEJCMimia530BettsFrancescamercessummer2201AlchemistOliver_H_2011wwitchdragonflyeyes4444RhondajeanRravens 26 votes
I don’t like the Dexter Challenge
PaulaormeAbAlMamunSarobchristian_angelobusprowlersgnickJoE76mikie1972 8 votes
I don't mind the frequency, but I'd love to see more planets
MightyWolfphempelGiseliMataiceAlisonEpc23mowieDeepshikhaSharanSrikanth341PounaweasatnamMrsCactusandlyn69hva1991sofiarazzaqjenniemaelplummerIranga123TheRevengerluvbugBWASammiii 41 votes


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