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Piggy bank

oldman81oldman81 Posts: 1 New Bee
I paid for a piggy bank up grade  when I reinstalled the game it went away. Also bank says I have 39 bars but when I go to spend them I only have four


  • bearwithmebearwithme Posts: 5,529 Superstar
    Hello @oldman81 and welcome to our wonderful community.  I am sorry you are having trouble with your piggy bank.  Certain things are stored locally on the device you play on including boosters and lives so when you move to a new device or de-install and reinstall the game you lose the lives and boosters you had saved.  However, I didn't think that would affect the piggy bank.  When you said you 'paid' for a piggy bank upgrade I assume you mean how the look of the piggy bank changes slightly each time you buy it.  The amount you pay for a full bank and the maximum amount of gold bars you get as a result shouldn't change from bank to bank.  So even though you lost the 'look' of your piggy bank, what is in it and how much it costs should have stayed the same.

    As far as the difference between what the bank said and what you actually have - sometimes if there is a temporary interruption in your internet - it can show an incorrect number of gold bars.  That just happened to me.  My bank said it was empty (but I was pretty sure that was wrong) and when I clicked on the bank itself, all of a sudden it showed there were 60 bars inside the bank - waiting to be purchased.

    However - I recommend you do the following: The first thing you want to do is make sure you have the latest version of the game.  You also want to clear your cache.  Once you have done both those things - you need to turn off your device (mobile or PC) for at least 10-15 seconds and then start it up again.  Hopefully this will clear up any future glitches concerning how many gold bars you actually have in your piggy bank.

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