How to stop playing Episode Race?

mackem003mackem003 Posts: 66 Level 3
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Please someone tell me how to stop playing Episode Race as it is a waste of time to play.
It's not benifical to me and it wasting my time.

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  • Sukanta_BiswasSukanta_Biswas Posts: 20,101 Candy Moderator
    edited January 2020
    Hi @mackem003
    Welcome back to the King Community.

    Episode race is a test feature and promotion allocation is random, So king unable to send or re-send/reset /remove the active promotions for specific players. Sorry for the inconvenience. 
    Can you tell us a little bit about what you are having trouble with in this feature?

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  • mackem003mackem003 Posts: 66 Level 3
    Dear Sukanta 

    The main problem is like you said the selection of the specific players.
    Candy Crush selects any players so new players who have easy games are playing against older players with nearly 100 ranking.
    So the new players will win as you know the more you play the harder the games.
    Hope you understand my problem 
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