The maps changed in the game?



  • Cjay1997Cjay1997 Posts: 85 Level 3

    I started playing Gardenscapes back in April only because of these bad changes created in CCS.

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  • Spieler_8675309Spieler_8675309 Posts: 2,721 Legend


    I started playing Gardenscapes back in April only because of these bad changes created in CCS.

    Well, King (Activision) need some competition round here.

    You're making some progress on that one, eh?

  • Cjay1997Cjay1997 Posts: 85 Level 3

    I'm now on 1600+, in my other account. Similarly, if you fail a level, you'll lose starting boosters (a booster bot equivalent of GS).

  • BojanBojan Posts: 27 Level 2

    I totally agree with everyone in this discussion. The game used to be so interesting before with hundreds of different characters and episodes and now its just 10 episodes that keep on repeating with the same characters, same names, same setting and same design. I also think that the colour - coded levels before bought lots of colour and nice design to the game and now they're all just pink. I also really hope that king brings back the unique map designs and the fun of unlocking new episodes to their players.

  • Cjay1997Cjay1997 Posts: 85 Level 3
    edited June 2020

    Before I forgot, there were reused episode stories/textures on the map (but not the names) from episode 421 onwards before the 10-episode loop took effect.

  • 3primetime33primetime3 Posts: 5 Level 2

    If I know right, Bubblegum Troll isn’t even a character in the game anymore? Utterly ridiculous. I hope it’s brought back.

  • PounaweaPounawea Posts: 3,558 Community Manager

    Hello everyone,

    As commented in this community topic, in order to improve the overall performance of the game for as many different devices as possible, we needed to take this decision.

    During the last 3-4 weeks, we've been applying the changes progressively, and by now we all should be seeing 10 rotational maps instead. The reason behind this change (to only have 10 rotational maps in-game) is, as mentioned, to get the required memory to run the game down drastically.

    What does it change? The game app will load faster on all devices and especially help devices with low specs. At the same time, we will be able to improve other graphics and game effects.

    Some of these graphic changes have been announced HERE and some other will be coming soon. 🙂

    Have a delicious day and happy crushing! 🍬🍬

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  • YoshLee44YoshLee44 Posts: 19 Level 2
    edited June 2020

    No, most people don't like these changes, we've heard the same response from the CM's about improved game performance (which was already really good) several times, and the community STILL don't like the changes so why are the devs still proceeding with the changes? The changes are not making the game better.

    It shows that the developers are so out of touch with the community.

    I checked the candy crush facebook page. Comments filled with hundreds of people asking for the old booster bot, old map and sugar drops. The forums are quite similar.

    Result: nothing, maybe a few generic replies because the devs don't read much feedback.

    edit: I think the community managers are doing their job just fine, I'm critising the developers of the game.

    Also there is no way i'm updating my game anymore, I have went back to a version from early 2018, i'll only update (and not to the most recent version) once i have finished the levels on that version.

  • adamzkiadamzki Posts: 21 Level 2
    edited June 2020

    If they dont make the old map as an option it proves that King dosnt care about their community. This new map is just an repetive cycle that has removed so much good about this game. Most new devuces can already load candy crush good and those people like me is only getting a more bad and boring game from this update. You could use the old episodes all the way to the time when normal episodes was stop created and then reuse random episodes from the game. Because the game has like 500 episodes it would be hard to notice at all that it was reused episodes and make it less repetive and more fun.


    I am wondering, how many players are playing using phones with low specs? I need some analytics; you did not back your ststement with any evidence.

  • BrickcoldbBrickcoldb Posts: 2 Newbie

    The main reason I love candy crush is the episode design. Now, it's a mess of repetitive joke that looks like a glitch but an intended feature. King only cares about the low specs players, that's why they take the risk of taking away design for optimization. They don't care about the high specs players wanting a good looking game. I should agree with anyone that they should an option to download the old maps, like other games. Add an option to download additional resource. It's very difficult for me to play this game now, the game looks dull, lazy, and ugly. It makes you feel like you're not progressing the game at all, just because of that one change. They could have just add a settings to lower graphics and any other optimization, instead they change one of the greatest thing this game made. Bring back the old map!

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