Fantastic Five & daily wins

mackem003mackem003 Posts: 66 Level 3


Why on Fantastic five has the points been reduced,I've just completed five levels and my total tally was 410 points,that includes using boosters,winning levels at first attempt and completing an episode.Why so small when previously it was a lot more.

Also after you complete a level each day it was recorded and after completing one week you recieved boosters,it's now disappeared.

Why does Candy Crush change without any announcements

Very disappointed player


  • TeenyKnitsTeenyKnits Posts: 5 Level 2

    I noticed that too! It used to be 25 points for passing a basic level and now it's 16 points? What gives? I wish King would make an announcement in the game that something has changed instead of sneaking it in.

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  • mackem003mackem003 Posts: 66 Level 3

    Hi Teeny Knits

    Thank you

    It used to be 25 points when first logging in.

    Now it's 19.

    If Candy Crush don't want to give boosters then stop it altogether

    The game over the past three months has deteriorated and hopefully something will be done.

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