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Why does my friend have new games features, but I do not?

At King, we are constantly looking for ways to make our games more fun, interactive or challenging. Whenever we create a new feature, we always like to test it with our loyal players first, to make sure that they like it as much as we do. To do this we always choose a randomly selected group of players to test the feature, and based on their feedback decide whether it's something we want to roll out to all our players or not.

We appreciate it may be frustrating if your friends have a feature that you don't, but it's highly likely you'll be getting it very soon!

Bear in mind that when you do have an event or challenge, it's quite possible your friends won't have it this time.  

Keep an eye out for the latest updates to the game to ensure you benefit from all the new levels and features that we release on a regular basis. 

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