Boosters during Bubble Gum Hill

Steve_EpsteinSteve_Epstein Posts: 36 ✭✭
Even one booster is a big help completing the five levels to gain the throne.  Every day I get two hours of a booster when I first start the game.  Sometimes I purchase an hour worth of all five boosters.  During these timeframes it seems that I hold on to the throne for long stretches, negating those bonuses.  Even 15 minutes on the throne may only result in 2 gold bars.  My idea is to multiply any gold bars earned by the number of boosters (1X to 5X) held in that timeframe.  That would help somewhat counteract the feeling of “waste” of booster time while sitting on the sticky seat.
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  • Anne_MartinAnne_Martin Posts: 299 ✭✭✭✭
    no, no, no... don't buy boosters anymore, and don't give them ideas to destroy the game even more. You spend quite a bit of money here, the game is free and not better for big spenders!
  • Steve_EpsteinSteve_Epstein Posts: 36 ✭✭
    My suggestion has no bearing on the game if you buy no boosters.  Spend what you want.  I’m trying to get them to give more gold bars so I don’t have to buy them.
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