Toddlers mode 😍

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Hi ! 😄

Toddlers mode💕...
( =infinity fun move)

Game inside the game
can children from the age 1 to 3 years to play .. and it is infinit stage ... and the game can solve itself every short period...

Infinit boosters . Between the candys .. (many color bombs)

Super easy game for toddlers

This level is not for children or older ... it is for toddlers 👐 to make them experience the feeling of playing the game ... so they can think they can play 😜😆 and smile with joy😊

and in the end it is a stage to play and just have fun..... and the result is not registered within the game.

And it would be awesome if Kimmy will give some cheers🙅🙆💃💃 for toddlers between the moves😄




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