Gold bars

MistyfanMistyfan Posts: 5
Gold bars should be for free
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  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 528 ✭✭✭✭
    I agree! To be able to play for it would be helpful!

  • saradhasaradha Posts: 2
    I agree
  • KeeblerKeebler Posts: 2
    Trying no stealing gold bars. Had 66 earlier today - zero now...I paid for them and you took them scam! 
  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 528 ✭✭✭✭
    Honestly, the legends are free. Who plays on a mobile device and has another app that basically has everything. Free boosters every day and so on...

    Those who also spend money on it are themselves to blame. Is my honest opinion.

    In my PC version I will always be advised to buy. I'm not doing that. Even if I don't have anything like no boosters and so on...

    Everyone decides what they do. Hence all the ideas to improve it and help that no one has the urge to spend money anymore.

    Leave it with the buy and try it that way. Playing is not the most important thing in life.


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