Treasure chest teams

foodstampfoodstamp Posts: 1
U need to make it s ok ppl like myself who actually play the game are teamed up with other ppl that play the game n maybe id be able to fill the chest all the way up instead of me having almost 400 poinnts n the other 4 ppl on the team have more than 20 combined points
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  • ErikaguilarErikaguilar Posts: 1
    Deberían de filtrar jugadores activos, ya que si no juegan es complicado complicado terminar la misión
  • CandyCowCandyCow Posts: 58 ✭✭
    Es correcta mi traducción de tu comentario al inglés?:
    "They should filter active players, because if they don't play it's complicated to finish the mission"
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