Improve Switch-hand Mechanics

BeckyBubblegumBeckyBubblegum Posts: 351 Game Expert
When there is a color-bomb or coloring-candy on the board, you may choose to use a switch-hand to move that booster beside a more useful candy, such as a fish or stripped or wrapped candy. If you are mindful and select the plain candy first and the color-bomb or coloring-candy second, the two candies will swap places without a hitch. However, if you happen to select the color-bomb or coloring-candy first, and select the plain candy second, the switch-hand will not swap them. Instead, the game will consider it a move, give you your switch-hand back, and detonate the booster.
King, please remove this unwanted behavior! It shouldn't matter which candy we select first, the switch-hand should work as intended and not cost us our boosters and a move.
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