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McCruxzMcCruxz Posts: 11 Level 2
My piggy bank is full since the first day I started playing candy crush soda but ,it can't open.
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  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 2,456 Legend
    Hi there! This is not an idea, but a case for the discussion support area.

    Therefore I will mark @Elsa.

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  • ElsaElsa Posts: 23,178 Superstar
    Thanks for tagging me @Spoinnifix@McCruxz welcome to our community.  As Spinnifix mentioned this is the idea section so what you need to do is to head on over to the support area here.  I will answer your question here but you can use the support link for future questions.

    The piggy bank is not free.  You need to purchase it and then it will break open and you will get your gold bars.  Every time you fill up the bank you will have to purchase it again.

    I am closing this message now since it is not an idea.  If you need more information on this, please post a new question in the support area.

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