Facebook and King cloud sync both stuck at 862 but I am at 1420

billie10010billie10010 Posts: 3 New Bee
I have a new Kindle Fire 8". My old Kindle 7" HD 3rd generation is on its last legs. On Facebook on my PC, and also after sync'ing my new Kindle to Facebook all I got was 861 but I'm at 1420. I contacted support. They told me to beat one more level on my new Kindle, store to FB again and then try the new Kindle. I did that but still got 861 on my Facebook and when I removed and reinstalled Candy Crush on my new Kindle it went back to 861. I am extremely frustrated because King support stopped responding to me. They were very responsive until we hit this point and now they are trying to get me to come to the community for help. Please please help me. Thank you.

FYI: I am a computer professional and I don't mind rooting my old Kindle but I do not want to root my new one. Thanks


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