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I was winning with 60 wins and the game placed me back at the beginning of these wins with only 12? Seriously! I also had the level rainbow armour and would like to finish where I was. This is not fair! to have worked through so many levels and then be cut from where I was. If this is how Zynga does their games I do not need to play. I will let friends and family know. And I know you all can see where I was!! Please fix my levels as I was winning big time over everyone else in the challenges as the game itself! thank you.....


  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 6,158 Game Expert
    Hello and welcome to this community

     I'm sorry it happened. Can you please play this level again and finish. Then please update it and clear the cache.

     Then it should work again!

    ♥ Good luck ♥
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